Cat Rescue in Cowichan



2007-2008 Feral Cat Assistance at the Airpark in the Comox Valley
by Char Olson

Somehow I found myself at the end of October helping with the feral cats at our local Courtenay Airpark - cats and kittens that have been born there and sadly dumped there to fend for themselves. Well, it's something that was new to me, so I set out to task with the help of Terry and her friends. We needed food for feeding stations, adoptive homes, and especially vet care. Since that day at the end of October when I brought home my first feral female, who was spayed, vaccinated and returned, we have caught and placed three adult cats and placed three kittens (who were anything but feral). Unfortunately, the mom and kittens were dumped there. Doesn't sound like a great feat - but we are talking about only a few people who have lives of their own putting in what time they have to trap and collect donations.

I would really like to thank those who have given generously: Wagz pet supplies store for their support and donations; Bosley's for their continued donations of food; a wonderful lady named Nancy for her donation of food and offer of help; Van Isle Vets for taking this on for me - they have been terrific, both for the Airpark cats and for my own pets; and the compassionate people who have adopted not only the Airpark cats and kittens, but the other animals that have come my way that needed homes. Last but not least, thanks to Animal Advocates Society of B.C. for its ongoing covering of vet expenses for the feral cats at the Airpark. (To February 2008 $2245.63)

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