Fourteen Cats Rescued in Lytton BC


Fourteen Cats Rescued in Lytton BC

Please donate here to help us pay the vet bills for these fourteen cats ($1397.00 as of March 12, 2014, and there are more bills on the way).

Our rescue colleague in Lytton writes: "In late October, a tenant moved out of a residence in Lytton leaving behind fourteen cats and kittens. The owners of the house phoned the emergency hotline of a large animal protection agency to appraise them of the situation. They asked for immediate assistance because they wanted to rent the house out to new tenants. After a couple of weeks, a call was returned and the owners were assured help would be on the way shortly."

In February, the tenants came to our rescue colleague in the community who has helped many times with injured, neglected and abandoned animals. They explained their situation and stated that the animal agency still had not helped them and the house was still full of cats. Upon inspection, the cats were in pretty good shape but they all had bad ear mites and all needed to be sterilized. Animal Advocates is paying all the vet expenses for all fourteen cats. Any cats who, for any reason, can't be adopted to very reliable homes are going to be permanently looked after by a good friend of our colleague.

Animal Advocates has paid $1397.00 for these fourteen cats so far and there are more bills on the way. If you are able, please donate here to help us pay these vet bills.


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June 2014 Update

The last of the fourteen abandoned cats were altered last week (June 2014). Tato, the calico, is living with a wonderful family. The other cat is too feral to be place in a home so she will be living in a large barn where she won't have to interact with people too much.

In spite of the best efforts all the many little groups, BC is still awash in excess cats and kittens both feral and domesticated. The moral duty to prevent their suffering is acted on by hundreds, possibly thousands of women in BC, quietly and without any money but their own or what they can raise at garage sales, without any help from the BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BCSPCA) which still kills too many cats and gives little help to feral cats. Animal Advocates Society of BC (AAS BC) has been paying the vet bills for these cats and women for decades, thanks to the warm-hearted generosity of our donors. You and AAS can help to stop the callous disregard for cats in BC caused by the straightforward and uncaring market force of more product than purchasers. Cat over-production is still so acceptable that without an all-out spay and neuter war, all the unremitting and heart-breaking work these devoted women do cannot stop the cycles of suffering; and there is only so much that women without the BC SPCA's $24 million financial resources can do.

Judy Stone

AAS is now so well-known for its experience in all animal welfare and rescue matters that we are asked for advice and help from all over BC, Canada, the U.S. and the world. For years I have answered each and every appeal with detailed advice that I have learned from 20 years of rescue, advocacy and animal law. Our high standards are well-known to the public, that is why we are so often asked for help and advice.

AAS ethical standards are simple and straightforward, but a lot of work: Every rescued dog is given the exact same love and care that I give my own dogs. Anything less can't be morally justified. To weigh the costs, to kill, or to rehome without paying to make the dog or cat well in body and spirit is not true animal welfare: it's moving as much product as fast as possible.

Judy Stone

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