Burned, dirty, matted and lost – but Joe is a survivor


When we first saw Joe he was starving, matted, dirty and lost. But most horrifying were his paws. They looked like they had been burned in a fire.

We took him immediately to our vet, who told us that Joe had stepped into acid. How the burns got up his legs we will never know. We hope it wasn't deliberately done to this gentle soul.

At the vet Joe was shaved and cleaned up and treatment for his burns started. Treatment for ear mites and other parasites was also started.

We put Joe in the home of one of our trusted colleagues who we pay for her experience and trustworthiness. AAS animals are not bounced from one foster home to another... and another. And if there are children in the foster home, we have to know that they have been taught gentleness.

The children in this foster home are gentle, kind animal-lovers. And they are helpful. Joe was so sick that he had to be tempted to eat with tuna and other special treats. He had to be crated for a short while to prevent him from walking.

His bandages had to be changed twice a day so that antibiotic ointment could be applied. There were many visits to the vet, and several courses of antibiotics to make sure he healed.

After weeks of loving care the bandages came off and Joe was able to knead again, something it turned out, he sorely missed. Before his burns healed he would try to knead but it made him cry. After the burns healed he could retract his claws again and he kneaded everywhere, purring and smiling and looking all the while like he was in heaven.

Next Joe had several painful teeth removed.

Joe is the most loving cat

He follows the kids around like a dog, talking and joining them in whatever they are doing.

Joe is one of AAS's keeper cats, cats who will require AAS's financial assistance, perhaps for their whole lives. Joe will get it.


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