2007 Kamloops Ferals - A Cat's Fate does the work and AAS pays the bills - real animal welfare - keeping ferals from being killed (in 2007, AAS paid $ 1125 for vet bills)


I hate asking for help, especially to another group who works so hard!  You have helped us out in the past tremendously, and we are in another situation.

We (myself, and a couple of volunteers) have started a Spay/Neuter/Release mission in the Pritchard area of Kamloops.  A woman contacted me from the Pritchard area with a bit of a situation on her hands.  She, and her family had just moved into the home 2 weeks prior, and realized that the property was inhabited by several feral cats.  From what she told me, there was a momma cat (who was semi-tame), 5 babies (who were about 10 weeks old), and 2 other cats.  I agreed that we could help trap, and she agreed that she would feed/water them, and continue to allow them to use her property as home.  Well, of course this situation has grown to be a bigger problem than first thought (as most feral situations do).  The first 2  feral cats we trapped, she had never seen before.  Seems we have a LOT of brown tabbies on this property! Daily now, this woman writes down descriptions of the cats she sees, and we are now aware that there are many, many more cats than we first thought when taking this on. Some of the cats we are catching are in quite rough shape.  Our vets estimate some of the ferals to be as old as 10!  Unneutered Tom cats, running feral for 10 years is almost unheard of.  They are usually killed off by coyotes, hit by cars, or die of illness or infection much earlier.  One of the boys we caught had so many scars on his ears, that they could not stand up.  He didn't have ear-mites, which I had thought by looking at him. He had scar tissue covering virtually all of his body, a huge tape worm infestation, and abscesses that had burst open.  Poor fella....but he is now neutered and has been spotted, happily eating at the new feeding station.  I am aware that AAS has lots of their own costs to deal with, but wondered if there may possibly be some funding available for a project such as this?  I have included a  picture of the cats. 
A Cat's F.A.T.E.  "Fair Alternative To Euthanasia"

Make a tax-deductible donation to Animal Advocates Society marked for A Cat's Fate and we will send the money to A Cat's Fate to pay their vet bills.

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