Kitten Rescue on Chilliwack Reserves


AAS got this email from one of our colleagues who rescues dogs and cats on the reserves near her asking if we could pay the vet bills. We said, Yes, of course we will.

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"I got a call from a woman on a reserve who had discovered 3 kittens who were living with their feral mom under a trailer. The people who occupied the trailer were moving out and they were having a very loud going away party. They had told this woman that they were going leave the cats there when they left. Unfortunately, the mama cat was nowhere to be found and probably terrified with all of the noise and commotion going on in and around the trailer. The woman was only able to rescue two of the three kittens as one had already died.

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The kittens still had their blue eyes and were estimated as only being 4-5 weeks old. Since then, they have been treated at the vets for fleas, they have been given their first set of shots and deworming, one of them needed antibiotics for a little runny nose and sneezing and now they are well on their way to being healthy and playful kittens thanks to Animal Advocates!"

Can you please help us with our kitten and all our rescued animals bills? Please donate here.

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