Six Tiny Kittens Were Not Garbage


On the way to the river to take her dogs for a swim, an Animal Advocates' volunteer noticed a plastic bag littering the side of the road. She made a note of it, intending to pick it up on her way back to put in the garbage.

After an hour of happy dogs fetching sticks and swimming, they all set out for home. As our volunteer got closer to the bag, she noticed something was moving. Apprehensive about what she might she'd find, she tore a small hole in the bag to take a peek. She saw fur so she ripped the bag fully open, revealing six barely-alive baby kittens, their umbilical cords still attached, their body temperatures dangerously low. She put them under her shirt, against her skin, trying to warm them as she walked home.

At home, she gave them warm baths and then small amounts of Kitten Milk Replacer using a syringe. Within a week they had learned how suck on a nipple, and within another week, they had learned to lap milk.

After ten days they started to open their eyes. And though still fragile, and not yet out of the woods, their success looked more positive each day.

All these lucky kittens survived to live happy lives with carefully-chosen families.

Saving cats, one at a time – or 50 at a time – really is working.

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