Maynard the Cat is Rescued


Maynard the Cat is Rescued


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Over a long cold Winter, the old orange cat huddled under one porch after another in a neighbourhood in a Northern BC town. A known cat-rescuer was told about the old cat by several concerned people. But each time she was told where he was, he had crept away, still searching for food and warmth and help. His coat was matted right down to his skin so that it held his back legs together. He crept because stretching his skin to walk was terribly painful.


Then, in the middle of a snow storm, the old orange cat made it to the right place. His rescuer's invitation to come in was gladly accepted. This old cat was not feral, he had been someone's cat once, and now he was someone's cat again. There are thousands of abandoned cats in BC and not nearly enough homes for them, so his rescuer knew the compassionate thing was to give this old boy a forever home. She named him Maynard.


After a good meal and a warm sleep, Maynard was taken to the vet where he had a full examination and shots and his matts shaved down to the skin, the only painless way to remove matts this bad. Animal Advocates paid the bill as we have for many cats and kittens, this year and every year.

Maynard's is just one story of how Animal Advocates, in partnership with cat rescuers in many places in BC, makes a difference, by paying for spay and neutering of feral cats on reserves, paying for sick and starving kitten rescue, and paying for cats like Maynard.

Maynard is still happy and cared for as a beloved member of his rescuer's family.


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