Merritt Facebook Kittens Rescued

We said Yes to helping these reserve kittens ...of course

Animal Advocates Society was asked to help with some bills for kittens rescued on a native reserve in the interior of BC. AAS is happy to pay these bills because it is the rescuers who are doing all the heavy work of feedings every few hours and all the bottom wiping.


A Facebook user posted that she had five orphaned kittens that she needed someone to take. Another user arranged to take them but after one night, she realized that her life was too busy to take on bottle-feeding five newborn kittens. In turn, she posted a Facebook message, that a former student of mine read...

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Sheresa gave her my name and at 9:30 on a Wednesday night, we were off to Merritt to rescue the kittens. We nearly lost two during the first night as they were weak and we had trouble keeping them warm enough. Thanks to bottles filled with warm water they made it over the hump and they've been thriving ever since...

They attended school through June, being fed during recess and lunch by staff volunteers. Now they are eating on their own and individual personalities are really starting to show. In another couple of months, they will be ready to head to their new homes.

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More photos of the kittens that Animal Advocates was able to help thanks to the generosity of our donors.

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