Shoe-Box Cat Rescued


Shoe-Box Cat Rescued

From our rescue colleague in the interior of BC:

"Yesterday I returned from an appointment to find a large empty shoe box on my porch. When I looked around I found a young cat – maybe only 10 months old, with a very badly infected leg/foot hiding under a bush. His foot was way beyond anything I could treat so I brought him to the vet first thing in the morning. I cleaned it best as I could but the swelling was really bad. They phoned to say they needed to anesthetize him to treat him so they are neutering him at the same time. Will AAS look after his bill?"

We said Yes, of course -- that is what we do.

Update, May 15 2014

"Today the Shoe-Box Cat visited the vet for a follow-up. The foot has not yet healed to where care is no longer needed, but it is improving. He received another does of antibiotics and a good cleaning. If it doesn't improve within the next couple of weeks, he may need to have it sutured. Otherwise we are going to continue with cleaning and changing his bandages regularly."


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