Freezing Wet Kittens Dumped Beside A Highway


These kittens were rescued because of the generosity of donors like you. But there are more kittens who need rescuing.

3 Wet Kittens

Someone dumped a wire crate at the side of a highway with three crying, scared, soaking wet six-week old kittens in it.

It was 10 below in a fierce rain storm the night an Animal Advocates' volunteer saw little eyes glowing in her headlights. She swerved onto the gravel shoulder of the road, jumped out of her car, and ran back to the crate. She knew that she would find cats or kittens, but not that she'd find kittens so near to death from hypothermia. They were thin with no fat to protect them from the freezing cold. They were still alive but too weak to even cry. Such tiny beings, wet in freezing rain, could not have survived much longer.

Our volunteer knew what to do to save their lives. A warm bath to bring their body temperatures up, a heating pad under blankets to keep their temperatures up, and some warm, watery food, easy on their tummies. And then sleep.

The vet was next, but our volunteer had done all the right things, so the kittens checked out healthy. When they were vaccinated, they were ready for homes – real homes.

3 Wet Kittens
3 Wet Kittens

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