Wiggy, Trixie and Paloma


Wiggy, Trixie and Paloma had been hidden by their mother in a pile of lumber that was going to be loaded onto a freighter in four hours.

We came when called by the caring people at the stevedoring company, and we scooped them all into tender traps. We baited a trap for the mother, then took the kittens to our vet for flea baths, antibiotics for ear and eye infections, deworming, and examinations.

Then we went back to the waterfront and there was Mama! She got the same care plus vaccinations. We took them all back to the Animal Advocates sunny spacious shelter so that Mama could wean the kittens. What a relief for Mama to finally not be lugging around all that milk.

We reluctantly found homes for them all. They were such a happy family of cats. Paloma went with Mama, and Wiggy went with Trixie.

We kept in touch, so we knew that they all lived long and happy lives. That is our reward, for every dog and cat that we rescue.

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