Reporting Bad Dog Breeders

Have you witnessed a backyard breeder or a puppymill?


  • Get as many details as you can: address; length of time the breeder has been selling dogs; the number and sizes of litters; the selling prices; ads from newspapers and the internet.
  • Get photos if you safely can.
  • Put together your report in both a hard format and an electronic format.
  • Send your report to the BC SPCA requesting that it investigate (ask for a case number):
    Marcie Moriarty,
    Manager of Cruelty Investigations, BC SPCA
    1245 East 7th Avenue,
    Vancouver, BC, V5T 1R1
  • Send your report to your Mayor and Council (addresses here) requesting bylaws to regulate and limit dog breeding/selling in your municipality
  • Send your report to your provincial MLA; to Pat Bell, the Minister of Agriculture; to Gordon Campbell, the Premier of BC; and to Carol James, the Leader of the Opposition (MLAs names and addresses here) asking for provincial dog-breeding standards and regulations.
  • Send your report and any answers you receive to Animal Advocates at
  • Contact the media.


Have you bought a sick puppy?


  • Do all of the above.
  • Sue for costs and damages in Provincial Small Claims Court

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