Keiko and Donas the Dear Old Rescued Dogs

Keiko and Donas, two dear old dogs whose life-long  happiness was only marred by the pain of broken and decayed teeth and how AAS made sure that they live out their lives, with their loved-ones, free of pain...


I live in BC on the Sunshine Coast and I am a single mum on benefits also caring for my 88 yr old mum. I am desperately searching for a charity to help fund the operations my beloved 13 yr old and 11 yr old dogs need.

Since having children and the end of my marriage and resettling on the Sunshine coast, learning how to adjust to life as a single mum on benefits, my poor sweet dogs have grown elderly and I have been unable to upkeep with vet visits. My 13 yr old is not eating properly now it turns out he has very severe tooth decay, and needs a huge dental operation, estimated at $1500+ to get him out of the discomfort he is enduring.

My mum lives in the downstairs suite of a house we rent on the outskirts of Sechelt in a semi-rural area. We have a fully fenced yard for the dogs and they still sleep with us at night and come in and out at their leisure. Keiko has become very attached to my mum. She is very feeble and only leaves the house a few times a year. Keiko is her best friend and sleeps next to her every night but the smell from his rotting teeth and the discomfort he is in makes her very distressed. We asked some other groups in BC for help but with no luck. We even checked with veterans affairs to see if they offered any help to veterans with pets (mum served for Britain and came to Canada a war-bride in the 1940's) but unfortunately they do not. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you so much.

We said Yes of course, that is what we do whenever we have the funds to say Yes.  First we had Keiko and Donas' owner take them into a Sechelt vet clinic to have them started on anitibiotics in preparation for dental surgery at Norgate Animal Hospital, the clinic that is owned by Dr Paramjit Sidhu who does so much low-cost work for many Lower Mainland animal rescue groups.

Here comes darling old Donas, running to greet me as Celine brings her out to be examined by Dr Sidhu.  I wish I  had been able to get a photo of the happy grin accompanied by tail-wagging) that she rewarded me with, all the reward that real animal-lovers and true animal-welfarists ever need.

Dr Sidhu gave Donas a thorough exam before proceeding with the dental surgery.  Donas was lucky; she only needed one extraction and a cleaning.

Although she looks nervous in this photo, I can assure you she wasn't at all. 

She was so cheerful, even though in a strange place, handled by strangers, and separated from her loved-ones, that it brought home to me again what it is that sets dogs above humans.  She almost made me feel like weeping, but instead she made me laugh!

Keiko was every bit as sweet-natured as Donas. She allowed these two strangers to gently poke and prod and lift lips and feel teeth with the best goodwill in the world toward them.

Here Dr Sidhu feels for the internal mass that was found by the vet who examined Keiko in Sechelt. It seems to be attached to her spleen.  It may be benign or it may be malignant, but at Keiko's age it is likely to be slow-growing.  Keiko had to have nine extractions, some of them molars. Dr Sidhu sent both dogs home with pain meds and antibiotics and will see them again in six weeks.

The dogs are home safe and sound and in good spirits...thank you so much once again for your help. AAS is so awesome!

Thank you Dr Sidhu, and your staff, for being so generous and caring to AAS's needy dogs.  Judy Stone

There has been such a flood of appeals for help this year that we may not be able to reply very quickly or at all to more appeals.  AAS is now so well-known for its experience in all animal welfare and rescue matters that we are asked for advice and help from all over BC, Canada, the U.S. and the world.  For years I have answered each and every appeal with detailed advice that I have learned from 20 years of rescue and advocacy. Our high standards are well-known to the public, that is why we are so often asked for help and advice.
We are currently working on so many projects that I am sorry to have to tell you that we may not be able to help you with your rescue and/or your personal bills

Judy Stone

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