3 Dog Day – Buzz, Tina, Sampson


Three dogs in one day (or night) is a bit unusual, but sometimes everything is right, and we never know when a rescue will be doable again. We simply didn't want to lose a perfect day to rescue 3 dogs.

Buzz endured this existence – in a dirty, hidden prison – for four years. There was nothing for him to see but trees.

Another dog had been kept in that padlocked-pen. He endured that life for nine years, until he died in this lonely, dirty prison.

A kind-hearted neighbour phoned every agency with animal-protection powers, and begged for help – for all those years. Nothing was ever done for either dog.

The neighbour begged Buzz's owner to be allowed to adopt Buzz. That only resulted her being told, that the next time she trespassed, he would call the police.

Now Buzz no longer had the kind lady coming to give him treats, patting him, or telling him, in a gentle voice, that she loved him.

Buzz was freed one night by an Animal Advocates rescuer – with bolt cutters.

We paid for expensive knee surgery, that he needed after so many years of jumping up the fence, trying to escape, trying to see if anyone was coming. His torn knee ligaments were excruciatingly painful – perhaps had been for years.

We looked after Buzz while his knee healed, and when he was ready, we found him the kind of home that every dog deserves.

He went swimming. He went to parks to play with other dogs. And he had the love and comfort of being a family member, just as valued as the other members of his family. Buzz had eleven years of the best life a dog can have.

Tina had been tied here for more than five years. A neighbour had reported Tina to the pound and to the SPCA, and had begged the owner to give Tina to her, many times. But Tina stayed where she was, in mud, feces, and urine, twisted in her tether when she tried to reach her rotting, fly-covered food.

The neighbour who begged us to help, had snuck into Tina's yard for all those years, cleaning up, giving her fresh food and water, untangling her, and patting her and telling her that she was loved. The only ray of sunshine in Tina's life.

When someone told the neighbour about Animal Advocates, she contacted us.

We went to see Tina, to see how best to rescue her, and to document her horrible life. And as we always do, we told her we'd be back.

And we did go back. Tina lived seven more years, as happy and as loved as any dog could hope to be.

Sampson: Freed from life on a chain.

"Please come and help this dog. It's a Rottweiler and I'm afraid of it. Its owners have kept it like this for years. They used to take it off its chain and take it for a walk sometimes but they stopped years ago. I can see it every day and it makes me feel so angry. I want to chain them up and make them lie in their own poo. I can't stand to see it any longer, but no one will help it..."

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Animal Advocates was contacted and this dog was removed, rehabilitated over a period of two years, and then rehomed when fully rehabilitated.

He was given a name – Sampson – and was given what every dog deserves – a family, warmth, comfort, fun, good food, and friends to play with.


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