Alfie's Happy Ending


For just making puppy mistakes, this nameless young dog was put outside.  For crying with all his sad puppy heart to be heard and loved, he was muzzled.

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For scratching at the door, begging to be allowed to be near the family he loved and yearned for, he was chained. 


As the months and years passed, he grew depressed and lethargic.


Very often if no one comes to their rescue, dogs like this one are dumped at a pound where they may be sold to another abuser, or if their behaviour doesn't pass the "test", they are killed. 


This dog was so badly damaged that it was clear that he had been beaten.  He trusted no one.  He barked hysterically, and rushed and snapped.  He would have been killed within days.


Calls by dismayed and increasingly desperate neighbours to the SPCA changed nothing. So this puppy grew to adulthood like this.

Neighbours are the most likely persons to break down under the pressure of having to witness cruelty and do what they never thought they would do - go at night and remove an abused dog.  This is going on all the time, all over the world - thank god!


He was saved. He got a name - Alfie - and he got the loving home, the fun, the novelty, the running, and the forgiveness for mistakes that every dog deserves.

Alfie was particularly sensitive and damaged after so much abuse, so he was far from an easy dog for a long time.  But he got the kind of miracle that saved his life a second time. 

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He got this family.  A family who never stopped working with him, at home, on the trails, at classes.  Year after year.  In fact, Alfie never stopped needing the special love and care that this very special family gave him.

He lived a long and extraordinarily happy life with his sister and his extraordinary Mum and Dad. He is profoundly missed every day.

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