Barney Rescued After Twelve Years Chained


For more than twelve years Barney endured a life of misery on the end of a heavy chain that he had to drag. Twelve years of mud, ice, snow, numbing heat, flies, feces, urine, terrifying storms, lightning and thunder. He uncomplainingly endured all those lonely years. He was a dear, affectionate boy who leaped with happiness when his owner came out once a day to put his food down. You see, his owner patted him once in a while. But if he jumped up too much he was hit.

For all those twelve years, if Barney heard anyone nearby, he barked hopefully, begging for someone to come and touch him. He had no idea that there was a life not on a chain, but he did know what a touch was because he had felt touch a few times.

He barked for help and love into the empty air. No one heard what he was saying - not even the SPCA when they finally came to "look" at him.

After many years the muscles in his legs atrophied and he couldn't leap with happiness and hope when he heard someone who might be coming to touch him.

Finally Animal Advocates heard Barney and really listened to him, and came one night and took him home.

Animal Advocates paid all the substantial bills to make him well and found a family for Barney who cherished him for the rest of his life. He went for long walks and when he got home there was a friendly couch and a soft bed. And endless love.


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