June 2000

Happy endings for Boop's babies - Bernie, Beanies, and Monty

From SPCA promotional material: "The SPCA provides adoption and follow up services." From the SPCA sales contract : "I will give this animal humane treatment and care at all times. I will allow the Society to inspect the animal in my home; and if, in the opinion of an Authorized agent of the Society, it is not receiving proper care, I will release the animal unconditionally to the Society. "I acknowledge that Section 8.1 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act empowers a sworn Authorized Agent of the Society to take custody of an animal for the purpose of relieving distress - distress defined as in pain or suffering, injured, abused, neglected and/or deprived of adequate food, water, or shelter."

Bernie's sad start...

SPCA promotional material sounds right - A pet is not for Christmas a pet is forever. On the night before Christmas, 1999, the Vancouver SPCA, through its partner, Petcetera, sold Bernie, only just 8 weeks old, into a nightmare of beatings, kicking, fear, pain, and misery. They sold him, for $130.00, to a family of many young children. The family was clearly dysfunctional (a neighbour told AAS that the parents were drinking at the time they bought Bernie), but the family had its pup for Christmas, and Bernie had to bear all this cruel self-interest as best a tiny, defenseless, voiceless, pup could. He was soon so fearful, he trusted no one, and ran from humans. But there was no safe place for Bernie; he was always found, and viciously kicked in his tiny tummy, and thrown against the wall. A neighbour appealed to the SPCA but heard nothing back.

He was bought out of this misery by Animal Advocates Society, and given to an animal-loving foster-family that was screened by three different AAS volunteers, a home visit made, and several follow-ups visits The foster family saw all the signs of the abuse he'd suffered: he was so afraid of having a puppy "accident" that he would run and hide, and then peek out to see if he'd been found, his whole little body quaking in fear. Like all AAS dogs, Bernie has our promise, to always be there for him. But he's not likely to need us - AAS does "adoptions" - not "sales". We won't sell him to the first person to pay the cash.

Bernie's happy ending...

June 2000: Bernie is in his new home - the home that was meant just for him. His foster person realized that Bernie was a natural-born water baby. There was no hesitation the first time he saw water, he just jumped in with a big grin on his face. Soon he was trolling up and down like an otter, looking for anything floating on the surface to play with. So AAS waited until a home with water nearby came along - and it did, of course. We learned long ago that there is just the right home for every dog, even the old, sick, blind, and bad-tempered, if you're willing to wait.

Bernie's new home is on Bowen Island, with a kind, gentle family, who were missing their old dog so badly after he died, that they wondered if they could ever love another dog that much. But Bernie is love personified. His friends are three gentle children, cats, chickens and ducks. Bernie is safe forever.

A letter from home...

"Dear Judy, Bernie celebrated his 1st Birthday with us yesterday (although Brent says everyday is his birthday!!!) He weighs in at 80lbs and still growing. He loves George the black cat, and they can often be found curled up on his bed together. He torments Joe the gray cat most of the time, but he absolutely respects the old cat Thai, who is definitely the boss. He learnt the hard way with a few scratches along the way...He spends as much time as he can swimming, and he loves boat rides, standing at the front of the boat with his nose in the air!!! He will walk for miles and never seem to get tired.(I do!). He is a wonderful companion and has lots of friends. We love him to bits. Caroline, Brent, Chanel, Matt, and Devon."


Guess who this is?

No it's not Bernie grown to 7 months.
It's Beanies...

AAS was phoned by a woman who had purchased an 8 week old pup from the North Vancouver SPCA, and who decided to give him up but didn't want him to go back to the SPCA. When we saw him, we almost fell over - it was so obviously Bernie's brother. Sure enough - a little investigative work proved that this little guy came from the same litter. He was sold to a single working mother who wanted to please her daughter.

This was a despicable thing to do to an eight-week-old pup. At that age they have to eat at least four times a day. How can you do that when you're at work? And how do you toilet-train a pup if you're not there? You stick it in a crate or you stick it outside, and that's what happened to Beanies.

Beanie's happy ending...

2006 - Beanies was fostered years ago by the Middleton family, who (like so many people who are compassionate enough to foster a needy dog), couldn't let him go.  Dear Beanies still acts like a puppy and is deliriously happy when see him at the beach, swimming circles around other dogs!

I wish this puddle was deeper...
I can stay in all day...

Monty (left) and Beanies - brothers, together again, thanks to AAS


This story gets more wonderful and amazing. Monty was a stray pup, picked up by the Vancouver pound at 6 months of age. No one cared enough about him to claim him. Obviously his owner had bought him from someone, or an agency, that didn't give a damn what happened to him....just like Bernie and Beanies. Just a coincidence? We don't think so. Monty was another lucky pup. AAS'er Sue F. bought Monty out of the Vancouver pound. We found out that the mother of all three of these pups was named Boop. She had been dumped at the Abbotsford SPCA and transferred by them with her eight pups to the Vancouver SPCA when they were five days old. Bernie was transferred to the SPCA outlet in the Petcetera store at Grandview and Renfrew where he was sold into his abusive family. Beanies was transferred to the North Vancouver SPCA where he was sold into neglect. Monty was abandoned at 6 months. We wish we could find Boops, and her five other pups, and make them all safe and happy.

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