Betty and Jake


"Please, please can you help these two dogs penned their whole lives."

Betty and Jake were kept in this pen for years of long, very cold winters, and long, very hot summers. The neighbour, who had begged the owner to bring the dogs in at night, couldn’t bear it any longer when the Humane Society wouldn’t help them, and removed the dogs herself. AAS generously helped with the rescue expenses. Their rescuer found the kind of homes that every dog deserves. Both loved swimming, especially Jake, but then what Lab doesn't? Without their rescue, neither would ever have known the joy of swimming, or the comfort of love.

AAS gets appeals for help for dogs like Jake and Betty scores of times a year, from all over the world. And in every case, the witness has begged for help from the SPCA, from the Humane Society, even from the local animal control, usually for years.

And then someone tells them to ask Animal Advocates for help.

And we give it, every time. Sadly, some of those dogs are too far away for our hands-on help, but we give detailed instructions on how to rescue a suffering dog. We offer to pay the rescued dog's vet bills if the rescuer can't afford them. We keep in touch for as long as it takes, always with the advice that we learned over many years of dog-rescue. We do everything we can for every dog we are told of.

Thank you for your generous support of our dear rescued animals. You make it possible. Donate here.

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