Bobby’s Happy Ending


Bobby - he still loves kids even though some blinded him in one eye

Bobby's "bad" eye, left untreated after being poked with a stick, but he's such a good boy!

Another pup rescued from up the BC coast by the Crystal Kerr/AAS rescue team. Bobby had his eye poked with a stick and his "family", the "parents" of the kids who blinded him refused to take him to a vet. Crystal asked AAS if we could help him and of course we said Yes. She put him on the next plane to Vancouver where he was neutered and treatment for his eye began. AAS knows from much experience that a dog does not need two eyes to be happy. Crystal said that he learned to sit, stay, and down in 30 minutes in the distracting conditions of the airport. He is really smart!

Bobby was fostered by AAS'er Cindy Blace who has three other dogs. Cindy says Bobby is a 10 out of 10. Friendly with the dogs, the cats and the kids. And really smart! A real family dog!

August 10 - Cindy took Bobby to Dr. Bussanich (the eye specialist) today. He says that the iris has been damaged and it is pushed forward. The pupil is no longer round and doesn't dilate properly. He says that Bobby can see somewhat, the eye can't focus very well yet, but it's like looking through a translucent piece of glass with a small hole in it. Fortunately, the injury was not right in the center of the eye, if it had been, the eye would be useless. He thinks Bobby has made a great recovery so far, he was very encouraged that the blue part receded as much as it did in the first week that we had him. He thinks it will continue to heal. He gave me some eye drops, which are just artificial tears to put in and I have to pick up some eye ointment from the drugstore that has salt in it. He hopes that the salt will draw out some of the fluid that is trapped behind the cornea. He wants to see Bobby again in 3 weeks. Also I am giving him extra vitamins and supplements. They are supposed to provide more of the nutrients the eye needs to heal. Who knows how much they've helped but the eye is healing well so far and I figure that if we do absolutely everything possible to help then something is bound to work. Well, I'd better go pick up that salty ointment. I'll let you know how Bobby reacts to it! Cindy

After two more visits to Dr Bussanich, we learned that all that can be done has been done and we just have to wait to see if the eye develops painful glaucoma and will have to be removed. Dogs don't care if they have one eye or five eyes. Bobby has gone to his new home, with a doting family who don't care about his eye. Now he is a loved part of real "family" who would never hurt him and who will make sure he is safe from cruelty for the rest of his life.

Just have to tell you how we all love Bailey (Bobby's new name). He is a wonderful dog. He has fit into our family very well. It took him a few weeks to feel comfortable and safe, but now he is happy, healthy and has a good life. He sure enjoys his early morning walk. After a month of walking every morning for approximately an hour and a half, he now wakes us up ready and anxious to go. We have started to do some basic training with him. He has learned the word "stand", which I use when I want him to stop and wait for me. He also responds to sit, down and come (especially when you have a cookie). Hey, he even "shakes a paw". What a smart guy!

He just had his last appointment with Dr Bussanich. He indicated that Bailey did have partial sight in his eye, however, there wasn't much more he could do for him and the future of his eye uncertain. We will continue to monitor it and hope for the best. All we know is that it doesn't seem to bother him that much other than occasionally bumping into things on his left side. He plays and runs and chases and enjoys himself immensely.

Just want to thank you again for providing us a wonderful dog. We all love him and are grateful to have him as part of our family.

Linda and Moe

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