Another appeal to AAS, one of hundreds asking us to help an abused dog.

"I live next to a dog who does not have a good life. His totally wrong name is Brutus. He is what you would call a 'yard dog'. A neighbour told me that he's been there for four years. He is penned alone outside all day every day, as well as every night. He's been left for up to 18 hours without food or water, and sometimes the water is frozen, so I sneak over and give him water. I have seen him eating snow if he's thirsty. When I first moved here I noticed he was thin. I saw how little food he was given and the portions are too small for a large dog that spends all his time outside in temperatures reaching into negative numbers.

I visit him every day because he loves attention. He is a great dog, very friendly and I feel horrible about his life. He has an amazing temperament, very friendly, smart, and obedient. A very happy boy, eager to please, loves attention and is starving for affection and love. He's not aggressive at all, just really happy to see me and his tail goes the whole time I love him up. I love him, and he loves me too because I feed him and spend time with him.

It breaks my heart because many hours after his owners feed him that little bit in the morning, he starts barking and crying and I know he's hungry. I cannot in good conscience leave him there.

The man is quite hard on him, holding him down and jamming his knee into his back. The dog wasn't even being disobedient and I couldn't understand why he was doing that. And he gives the dog a beating now and again. When I objected the man told me to mind my own business.

My stomach is twisted in knots and my heart is wrenching. I can hear him from my house and I am having serious trouble sleeping at night. This is bothering me so much it's weighing heavy on me and I can't just do nothing.

I begged every agency and rescue group, but nothing changed. I don't know if they even came to see the dog, but I am home a lot and didn't see them come. It's like the dog has to be near dead before they step in.

I am at my wit's end and desperate to change this dog's life. I offered to buy the dog but the owner very aggressively and frighteningly told me No! He's a really good boy. Absolutely exceptional dog. Just the happiest guy. It's very hard to watch him be isolated and depressed when all he wants is love.

Please tell me if you can help this dog.

We did help this dog. Now his name is Bruce.

Bruce was rescued. He was kept in a wonderful foster home until a perfect home was found. His new family feels like they won the lottery. We think that Bruce won the lottery too. His home backs onto trails where he goes running for two hours a day.┬áHe has a boat, and for the first time in his life he is doing what he was bred to do – swim. It's hard to keep him out of the water. AAS not only rescued Bruce, but we made sure that he would be happy and loved and have fun for the rest of his life.


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