Bubba Gets Out of Prison


Hi there Bubba's new family,

Here are the photos I took of Bubba before I rescued him. They are a bit dark but if you look closely you can see the dear fellow staring at the gate waiting for someone to come. The whole time I was taking these photos I was talking to him and as you can see I had no response at all, no head up or tail wag, it broke my heart.

I lived next door and I would see Bubba's owners come home from work and I would hear him cry to them, begging them to let him out and bring him inside, into their home and their hearts. They didn't. Instead they brought him bowls of food until he was grossly obese.

I sent them anonymous letters telling them how they were breaking their dog's heart and soul, begging them to bring him in, take him to a park to run, find a home for him with someone with the time to love him. Nothing. I reported Bubba to the SPCA. Nothing. Finally I couldn't bear it anymore and simply removed him from the prison he had done nothing to deserve.


Bubba's new life

I can't even describe to you the feeling that I get inside when I think of Bubba's wonderful life that AAS made sure he has now.

What a lucky fellow to have found your family.

Thank you so so so so much for all the wonderful work that you do AAS. Since I started hearing all the stories about the dogs that you rescue, I have hugged and kissed my four dogs even more than before (if that's possible).

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Judy Stone

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