Why Would Anyone Starve a Dog?


If it weren't for a brave rescuer, sweet Cherie would have starved to death, imprisoned in a tiny crate.

Cherie was being held in a crate, sometimes not fed for days, lying in her own excrement and urine, crying for help night and day, She was emaciated and frightened.

A neighbour had tried her damnedest to make the owner, the SPCA, the police, do something to stop the horror she she could see and hear next door. She didn't want to be a thief, she didn't want to be charged with theft, she had no money for a lawyer to defend her. But she was forced to steal and forced to accept possibly being charged, and to accept not being able to defend herself. And she did.

It is women like her, who defy the law because they law is wrong, and do what they know is right who change bad law. Their moral courage is greater than their fear.

She wasn't caught, she wasn't charged. And Cherie no longer helplessly suffers. She has a real family who love her as much as she loves them.

You can give courage to others who are afraid to recue a dog by sharing this story widely.


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