Choklit and Timber’s Happy Ending


Choklit was chained to a stake in a field for about three years...

She was surrounded with mud most of the year. Her "shelter" only had half a roof. She had litters of pups, whether she liked it or not - because she was chained she couldn't escape the "attentions" of the neighbourhood dogs. Nor could she save the lives of her pups when these same dogs and other predators came and killed them. (That's what her "owner" told us when we bought her and two of her pups.) There's not much you can do to protect your pups when you're chained in the middle of a field. The SPCA was called many times about Choklit, but always gave the standard SPCA textbook answer: "There is nothing we can do if the dog has food, water and shelter". (Read the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and a lawyer's dissenting opinion to see if you think that the SPCA has been misusing the Act to get out of (expensive) animal welfare, click here)

Choklit on her chain
Choklit's home, sweet, home

This is Timber. This is where he lived for years - in the same yard with Choklit. The SPCA was called about Timber many times too, but always answered the same answer they all repeat like trained parrots: "There's nothing we can do if there is food, water, and shelter".

If you would like to help Timber, contact us. If we can offer his owners enough money, maybe they'll let us have him. But then we need a foster home for Timber while he gets used to normal life, and we find him a home. We need donations and foster homes. Donations also help to pay our vet bills- which can be as high as $4000 a month. We're soon going to be paying for an eye operation for a dear old abandoned cocker, and we've paid for many other operations for dogs that other organizations have written off.

After we put this appeal in our web mag, someone removed Timber. His owner thought it was AAS because we asked to buy him at the same time we bought Choklit and her pups, but we know that many people were upset about Timber and Choklit for a long time. And we feel sure that the person who took Timber took him because they just couldn't stand to witness his suffering any longer, and that he is living a real life at last.

In spite of what the SPCA tells thousands of people begging them to help to relieve the suffering of a dog on a chain ... that the laws are inadequate to help dogs like Choklit and Timber, it is not the law that is inadequate - it is the SPCA's agenda that is inadequate. It's not the laws that need reforming - it's the law-enforcers that need reforming.

Bob with Choklit - the "man-hater"

Choklit's rescue story is longer than most. She is still almost feral in some ways, and so unmanageable that we had to board her at Marine Drive Vet for many months. But then Lori Jensen in Kamloops said Choklit could come and join her Bob and the gang (eight dogs and counting), As you can see, Choklit is a far cry from the dirty, miserable dump we took her from....

Choklit got the special Lori "I'm okay - you're okay" treatment - even though she tried to attack all Lori's dogs and ate field mice like peanut brittle. To Lori, and to AAS, they're all okay - they just need lots of love, security, a few non-negotiable (kind) rules, exercise, acceptance, and time -LOTS of time. Can anyone take Choklit for the next stage in her recovery? She needs time away from other dogs, a loving, kind person who will forgive Choklit her tresspasses, and give her some more time to get better.

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