Diesel's Team: His Yukon Rescuer, A Better Life Dog Rescue, & AAS

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Diesel was chained Winter and Summer in the Yukon

Diesel was chained Winter and Summer in the Yukon until AAS rescue him. Scroll down to see all three heartwarming rescue videos!

Diesel after being rescued and flown to Vancouver




Here's what people are saying...
"You are wonderful people for giving these precious animals a second chance. Thank you for caring. Diesel's story warmed my heart. I will share this video with others."
Diesel was chained Winter and Summer in the Yukon
Hello AAS...I'm writing because I've lost all hope in finding a home for a dog named Diesel. His story began when he was bought because he was large and cute. Diesel turned into a HUGE unruly dog.  He ended up on a chain and never gets off it. Never. This year, his owner called me and asked me if I could find a home for Diesel because he realized that the life he is living is no life for a dog---he said he is going to shoot Diesel if I don't get a home for him.
Diesel is a St. Bernard x Newfie. He is tied up near a dog house (I've never seen him use the house---he might not fit in it anymore). He never gets water. His feces never get cleaned up. He has had his jaw broken and many teeth removed because he was kicked by a bison or horse. He is matted terribly, he stinks something awful, and his eyes and nose don't look all that healthy (he's always leaking mucus from both). He seemed a very sweet dog until he was relegated to a life on the end of a chain. I don't have the expertise to train such a dog, or I would and then adopt him out as I've done with several other animals. Anyway, I was hoping that you could give me some advice on what to do. Do you know of any rescues who would take him?  R.R., Yukon
For four years Diesel endured this "Northern" life
For four years Diesel endured this "Northern" life
Bleeding and half-frozen...

Bleeding and half-frozen...

What a heart-felt flood of responses AAS got for Diesel when we posted him on the AAS WatchDog. Many were offers to adopt him, but he is not ready to be adopted. He will have to be socialized and any issues he may have with other dogs, especially male dogs, after being sexually intact for so long guarding his little territory from wandering male dogs, must be addressed and fixed first.

Many offers have come from around North America and some from purebred groups. But it is up to Diesel's rescuers to keep him near enough to us to monitor all his needs, and able to jump in fast if and when needed. If these things aren't done a "rescue" isn't really a rescue.

Animal Advocates is paying all Diesel's vet, transport and training bills. You can donate here

Diesel being bathed and groomed

Diesel's torn tongue

A Better Life Dog Rescue of Surrey BC has lots of experience in airplane transport of dogs and so AAS asked for ABL's help. Within a few days, not only was Diesel off his chain, but he was here in the Lower Mainland and in a foster home! The next day he was being examined by a vet and on the meds he needed for diarrhea, an infection, and an inflammation.  And the day after that he was bathed and groomed.

Clean, warm, tummy filled...
Next week, if Diesel is well enough, he will be neutered. AAS will get a dental exam done at that time. If work needs to be performed, it will be. AAS will also be paying for training and behaviour modification for Diesel.

Report from his foster home: "Diesel loved every minute of his day at the "Spa"
In the car on the way there, he sat in the passenger seat with his chin resting on his foster Dad's lap. He loves to be petted and doesn't like to be alone. He is a real sweetheart. The trip to the vet revealed an untreated broken jaw, a chunk missing out of his tongue, arthritis in his joints, and his blood work showed that he has an infection and an inflammation . He is getting medicated for all. He will be neutered next week, and have x-rays done and his nails clipped while he is still sedated. Donations towards his vet bills can be sent to www.animaladvocates.com/donate. The light is coming back into this wonderful boy's eyes."


Since Diesel’s miraculous rescue he has become an amazing and inspiring companion. By the time Diesel arrived at his foster parents' home, he had undergone a strenuous ordeal. After almost 5 years at the end of a chain he was flown from the Yukon to Vancouver to be given a second chance at a better life. The sudden weight lifted from his neck must have been liberating but scary at the same time. When he arrived he was unsure; so many new sights, smells and people, yet he still had a smile spread across his slobbery face. His first night was spent in a secure and comfortable barn, protected from the beating rain and the harsh wind yet still significantly warmer than the -40 from where he came. In the morning he awoke to the sight of his foster mom and dad, the smell of bacon, which he loves, and excitement of a walk through the snowy white hills of Maple Ridge. That afternoon he was snoozing in his foster dad’s lap on the way to his first bath and haircut. Markeyda's Grooming did a remarkable job of transforming the rough outer shell into a beautiful shiny coat.
Diesel's disposition is that of a playful puppy. With so many smells to smell and adventures to go on he is loving his new unchained life. He sits, stays, comes, shakes a paw and kisses on command, he is comfortable with other dogs, even in groups. He has never shown any aggressive characteristics (he is wary of strangers but once introduced he is trusting and cuddly). He is house trained and is careful of furniture and people. His favourite things in the world are bacon, belly rubs and walks. He has so much love to give and isn’t shy about showing it.
Diesel's transition has been like that of a fairy tale - the once questionable giant who people were scared to get close to, is now a beautiful friend and loyal companion.

Choosing a home where the dog can be kept track of, and where the person is known to the Society in some way is the only truly ethical rehoming of dogs with known health or possible behaviour problems.

See Diesel's new life below!

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After more than 5 years, Diesel died of old-age-related cancer. He died peacefully and happily. He did not take with him the time when he suffered so much; he only took with him all those years of love and happiness and fun and comfort.

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