Sweet (and stinky!) Dougie rescued after being abandoned and fending for himself for months.

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We got a call regarding a wandering abandoned dog who appeared to have been attacked by some wild animal or other dogs.

Dougie had been abandoned by his owners several months before. We searched and found him. He had heart-rending injuries to his neck and ears, and his putrid odour from festering wounds filled our car. He continually licked our hands and rubbed his head against us. He was terrified of being in a car, but he was so sweet. He seemed to understand we were trying to help him.

We arrived early for our vet appointment because I knew he would be afraid to go into the clinic, and because of his wounds we couldn't put a collar on him to help lead him into the office. The vet was amazing. He got into the back of the truck and spent time trying to reassure Dougie that he was safe. After about ten minutes we were able to coax him out of the truck. Then another five minutes to get him into the office. And finally, with treats and affection, we were able to get him onto the scale. He's on antibiotics and pain killers, and we're washing his wounds with a cleansing agent several times a day.

Dougie has the most wonderful disposition! Today he met our other dogs and they interacted really well and even spent a little time sun-bathing together.

Animal Advocates paid $1800 in vet fees for his medical care, neuter, vaccines and professional after-care. Every penny was worth it. It always is.

Dougie's recovery took many months, but that was okay because AAS's rehoming standards are so high that it usually takes us many months to find a home that we trust absolutely. Animal Advocates will not place a dog in a hurry just to avoid expenses. Our adoption standards are simple: every AAS dog deserves a life as good or better than the lives of our own dogs.

We found that home for Dougie with a family we have known for twenty years. Dougie's happy ending is complete...

"Dougie is a lovely, lovely dog! Thank you AAS! He may look like a junk-yard guard dog but he's a big softy at heart and just so sweet and gentle. My friends all said they would adopt him in a heart-beat. He's so well-adjusted. We have a cat who is very aggressive with him and he's so good natured and patient about her. He tried to play with a donkey who was not interested at all! He's so gentle with his mouth....when playing or taking treats he never hurts you.

And he's so good about staying on his bed even when there are kids running around being silly. This would be more than many dogs could take. My six-year-old daughter is warming up to him though she was quite nervous at first. He's just such a big guy.....bigger than she is! But he's very gentle and considerate. He just soaks up attention. Loves a belly rub and a good head massage. His whole body wags when he's happy so you have to watch he doesn't knock anything over :) And he'll lean on whoever he stands beside or puts his whole head in your lap for a massage.

I have to say again that he's just a lovely dog.

Thank you AAS. You do amazing work for animals!"

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