Duffy’s Happy Ending


A story AAS has heard over and over...

A dear dog, chained many years, the SPCA called and over and over, they never take any action..none at all. Say there is no law being broken (not true as AAS proved).

This is what Duffy endured for more than three years. He cried over and over for help and the SPCA did not speak for him.

Three years...
...of waiting for help

Two women saw Duffy on their way to work and on their way home, in all weather, freezing rain and baking heat. They believed that the SPCA would help him, but their many pleas were ignored.

Finally these two brave and terrified women did the humane and moral thing...they removed Duffy one day and they found him the home that he deserved.

Duffy hears his rescuers coming...
Help has arrived...Duffy is about to start his new life...no more loneliness, no more chain, no more freezing rain...no more rice for every meal
Duffy and Mariko

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