Eddy’s Happy Ending


Who gave or sold this old dog to the monsters who did this to him? 

Eddy on his tether: Video 1 | Video 2
Eddy's happy ending video

Eddy's sad start...

A kind woman in Burnaby BC told AAS that she had watched this dog out her window for two years, tethered by a cable that twisted around his legs and prevented him from reaching any shelter. She watched him daily - in the summer's heat, with only filthy water to drink, crawling with flies which swarmed the feces he had to live in.  In the winter she watched him hunched in the snow, and she listened to him howl with fear on stormy nights.   For two years she watched him change from a hopeful, healthy dog into a sad sick being, hair falling out, skin scarlet with raw infection, his spirit confused and crushed. Where did his owners get him from? It was clear from his yearning to be touched that he had been well-treated at one time.  Who or what agency gave or sold this helpless being to the monsters who did this to him, without checking on him and without demanding him back?   We saw him in the freezing rain, his tether so tangled so he couldn't reach any shelter. He stood there, hoarsely barking, as he had for most of the two years of his solitary imprisonment, his head down, drenched to the skin, his thin hair soaked, his weak limbs trembling.  After reports to the SPCA made no difference, and an offer to testify to the dog's conditions was rejected by the SPCA, some kind person took pity on this nameless dog and removed him from his misery.

Howling for attention
The garbage he lived in
His water

Eddy's happy ending...

Eddy swims for the pure joy of it

Two days after being rescued
I'm alright Jack!

Eddy in his forever home, up on "his" couch with his forever family...

Colin and Marie are used to abused and neglected shepherds. They gave their beloved Georgie many years of understanding of her problems after they adopted her from the Sunshine Coast SPCA where she was being sheltered with her 12 week-old pups, a wreck of a dog physically, emotionally, and mentally. Georgie was allowed to be herself, not friendly with other strange dogs and timid of men. Chained intact female dogs are almost always forever angry at other dogs because they have not been able to escape their unwanted sexual attentions and their attacks and taunting, nor can they properly protect their pups from predators because they are chained.

When Georgie died, Colin and Marie looked for another large dog that really needed them...and found Eddy...the lucky boy! Eddy will seldom be alone, will be taken swimming, will go for long runs in the woods and at the creek, and will have two of the most caring, decent people for his forever family.

From Colin and Marie the morning after Eddy's first night with his new family.... Eddy has been absolutely wonderful. We went for several walks yesterday (and two so far today) and he does so well on the leash! I haven't let him off leash yet, but I plan to take him to Lynn Canyon today to swim, and I'm confident that he'll stay with me. Eddy has been a perfect gentleman with [the cat] Maya (actually far better than we'd even hoped.) He's very careful with his body language, has shown absolutely no inclination to be aggressive toward her, and he even went around her when she was sitting on the stairs. We can see that Maya is taking the adjustment much better than we expected. Eddy certainly loves his food, and thank you so much for the vegetable mixture you brought. He absolutely loves it! Eddy slept on his bed in our room last night and seemed fine. He misses you, and sometimes looks out the window for you. We know that he will look for you for a long time, but he's going to get plenty of love with us. Eddy has been very responsive to us, and Marie was in heaven last night when he lay beside her on the couch with his paws and his head on her lap!

Marie and I appreciate AAS very much, Judy. Thank you for your wonderful work, and thank you for Eddy.

Colin and Ed in the Media Center at school

December 2004

Eddy and I went to school today and now the Art teacher wants Eddy to pose for her students! When I told her Eddy's name, she knew him right away. He's famous!

We went to Ambleside after school yesterday and had a great time. I bought Eddy a kong that floats and he loved swimming for it and carrying it on his walk.

It's hard to believe that it's been over 7 months since Marie and I adopted Eddy from Animal Advocates!

Looking at him now, it seems incredible that he likely would have died if he had remained chained up much longer with no shelter from the elements, no love, and inadequate nutrition. My heart still churns when I think of the photograph on the Animal Advocates website that shows Eddy's water bowl - a dirty plastic tray used for old car parts filled with filthy water. Judy once told me that she wasn't sure Eddy's coat would ever come back. Now it shines with good health and is soft and thick. People often tell us what a beautiful dog we have.

Eddy loves life, eats voraciously twice a day, enjoys treats like cheese and fruit, looks forward to each and every walk, becomes ecstatic when asked if he wants to go in the car, and sleeps on his own bed beside ours. Each morning, Eddy gets up at 5:15, eats, and goes for a brisk walk. Then he comes home, shares my toast, and lies down on the couch beside me. With the cat on my lap, Eddy by my side, and my coffee and newspaper, I'm in heaven! We've discovered that Eddy is very intelligent, learns quickly, and enjoys mental stimulation. He has declared the backyard off limits to squirrels and takes this responsibility very seriously.

Every couple of weeks or so, Eddy gets to see his old pack mates and his mom at the park. What a pleasure to see how excited he gets when he sees Judy and Jennifer and the rest of his pals!

Three weeks ago we agreed to foster Pyla for AAS, who lived with Eddy during his rehabilitation. Pyla has her own history of cruel treatment and abuse, but she is the sweetest dog in the world. She enhances the atmosphere around here so much! Pyla loves Eddy and the cat Maya and she appreciates everything she gets. She has a way of getting extra rubs by looking at us with those big soft brown eyes and wagging her tail. We have noticed that Eddy doesn't follow us around as much now that he has Pyla in his life. During the day, Eddy and Pyla sleep together on our bed. And Pyla has taken over the living room couch, the only place in the house that up until now has been off limits to dogs. The living room couch is no longer off limits to dogs, and we plan to adopt Pyla.

None of this would be possible without Animal Advocates and its many supporters. Marie and I are in awe of the commitment, courage, and compassion of the Animal Advocates team. You do wonderful and very important work. Thank you for bringing these loving creatures into our lives.

Pyla is doing so well. She fits in so well in our home. We just love her! Don't they make a handsome trio? Notice the floor underneath Eddy's chin. He is eagerly anticipating his share. Maya likes Havarti and Brie, but she turns up her nose at Mozarella. Eddy, always the diplomat, is fine with any kind of cheese. Pyla has recently discovered our cheese ritual, but she prefers the social aspect. Look at Maya eating with confidence and trust. And notice how respectful the other two are of Maya's space. They know that their turns are coming! And look at Eddy and Pyla on the forbidden couch, which is no longer forbidden.

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