Finnigan’s Happy Ending

Finnigan is 3 year old neutered male hound shepherd mix. He is the dearest dog in the world.

Finnegan was severely malnourished

All he asks is to be allowed to sit at your feet and gaze up at you adoringly.

Finnigan's sad start...

Finnigan spent the first two years of his life chained. (Yes, he was chained as a pup, in rain, snow, and unrelenting heat, without adequate shelter, and with no positive human interaction.)

When Finnigan arrived at our home he was terrified of men, wouldn't go up stairs or through doorways, and cowered all the time with his tail between his legs. He was severely underweight, and his neck was raw and scarred from the chain that had been around it his entire life. It was months before he could even wear a collar, his neck had so much healing to do.

Finnigan's neck where his chain had grown into his skin

Finnigan's happy ending...

Now, a year later, Finnigan smiles. He can wear a collar, he can hold his tail high above his back and wag it, he can go up and down stairs and through doorways, and he can greet men in a friendly manner. But Finny still has some lost time to make up for. He is still very timid in new situations, and is still very needy with regards to his human relationships. He does not have separation anxiety, but he must be very near his human companions when they are home. He will be your shadow.

Finny got just what he needed. He got Lil and Mike and hours of walking and running a day and all the understanding that he needed. He now looks like what he is...a happy, healthy, lucky dog.

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