The Rescue of Harley - From Chained in Ice and Snow to Warm and Loved


Bad winters mean there will be a lot of frozen dogs. Many get rescued. A young Rottweiler named Harley was one of the lucky ones.

Animal Advocates took part in Harley's rescue, as we have for so many dogs. We paid Harley's transfer bills plus his significant vet and training bills and found a loving family for him. Harley cost AAS over $3,000.

We were told by Harley's neighbour that Harley was only two years old and this was his second winter chained in 40 below cold. He was chained all year round of course, isolated, not ever allowed into the comfort and warmth of a home. Never given love or fun, just fed and watered, though the water froze so fast that Harley only got a chance to drink once in every 24 hours.

Yes, the BC SPCA was called, and yes there are SPCA laws under which Harley could have been seized. But perhaps it's best that the SPCA ignored Harley because Harley had never been socialized and in fact, he had been attacked by roaming dogs, helpless to defend himself. So Harley was not good with large dogs, though he was friendly with dogs smaller than himself. Harley is typical of dogs that the SPCA kills rather than spend money to rehabilitate.

Harley was rescued.


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