Iris is a little old Chihuahua who was inherited by a woman when her uncle passed away.

Iris's new family was devastated to find that little Iris had a very large growth on a mammary gland. They had instantly fallen in love with her but had no money to pay for this kind of expensive surgery.

Animal Advocates was asked to help make sure that little Iris went on being loved and didn't have to tragically be put to sleep. We knew this family and knew that they would be such a good, loving home for Iris, if only she could survive.

Iris had her life-giving surgery and was home in a few days where everyone was waiting – her cat, her mother, and her best friend, the young son of the family, who responsibly took on the care of making sure Iris's recovery had no problems and her incision healed properly. He was with her every minute he wasn't in school comforting her through her ordeal.

Another happy ending, thanks to everyone who supports our work.

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