Jake the Parvo Puppy's Happy Ending

This story started on June 2 2015...

From our rescue colleague in the interior of BC:

Last night I got a call about two puppies. Both were throwing up and one was discharging blood. I drove down to Lytton and took the puppies to my house. The male was drinking fluids on his own but the female was not. I gave her oral fluids with a syringe but she threw up after just 1 cc was swallowed. This morning the female died on the drive to the vet. The male tested positive for Parvo. The photos of the female aren't wonderful, but she was in so much pain I didn't want to move her too much. (The male is on the right. The female is hard to see but lying beside the male.)

I have the male in isolation at my house. The vets have given me an IV, anti-vomiting medicine and two types of antibiotics.

The girl, lying down near the top of the photo is the one that passed away. The other guy is Jake. I'm giving him lots of medicines and 5 saline IV's a day. I'm really hoping he pulls through this.

These two photos of Jake were taken last night after he got home from the vet. He's just tested positive for Parvo so symptoms aren't too bad yet.

Finally, in late June, we get the good news!...

Jake has recovered!

We had a scary week of intensive IV's to keep him hydrated, anti-biotics and anti-nausea medications but Jake has pulled through. After the week of treatment, Jake was pretty lethargic, but you wouldn't know it now. He is still isolated from other dogs because of the 30 day quarantine, but he keeps us company while we do household chores, go outside to work in the garden, and feed the four kittens that need formula every 4-5 hours. He becomes very concerned when the young kittens meow.

Outside, everything is a game. He chases butterflies and insects and then relocates the pinecones to different areas of the yard. He sleeps the night in a crate, and is truly acting like the young puppy he is.

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