We got one of those phone calls that we have to brace ourselves to hear...

This is the collar that was attached to the puppy's chain.

It was from a single woman, elderly, in tears about the new puppy next door. The parents put him out on a chain a few days after getting him. A few days later, the children stopped coming out to play with him. So he cried his baby heart out day and night, only stopping if he thought he heard someone coming to him, or from exhaustion. Soon, the sound of a person coming made him cry and whine with fear because they were coming to beat him with a piece of pipe to shut him up.

The elderly woman could hear all this and it was rending her heart. A phone call to the SPCA worsened her despair. They told her unless the pup didn't have food, water, and shelter (which it had of sorts, if you call the roof overhang two storeys up shelter, which the SPCA did at that time), or she could photograph a beating, then there was nothing it could do.

The elderly woman told us that the pup had been left tied in the yard alone over a hot long weekend without food or water. Someone else checked for two days on the veracity of that, and in fact, no one was home and there was no food or water.

Someone less elderly went over the fence one night. That was seven years go.

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Jeep has been with us seven years now and has to be the most loving dog we've ever had. The kids were young when we were looking to adopt so it was important that we found a dog we could trust around them and their friends.

Jeep's bio from Animal Advocates was right on: he was one of the best dogs they'd ever had. When I read that, I hoped he was still available for adoption and was really happy to find out that he was.

Being in an experienced foster home had really prepared Jeep well for his transition to our house. He was social (very social!) and, like most puppies, a complete brat. He settled in well and became a part of the family.

He's had both knees operated on for blown cruciate ligaments. It was $ 4,500 for each leg but, as the vet told us for the last one, which went on New Year's Eve, the good news is that he only has two knees. Itís a significant surgery that involves months of rest and recovery but Jeep did really well both times.

As you can see, he is made to adhere to strict rules of behaviour around the house, like not being allowed on the furniture.

Here he is on the beach at Hornby Island which he loves. He is relentless in trying to get beachgoers to throw sticks for him. He was becoming a pest.

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