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Animal Advocates gets email pleas to help suffering dogs every day. Jewel was one of those...

Jewel's life before her rescue — tethered to a fence with just one foot of rope for days at a time

Jewel's life before her rescue — tethered to a fence with just one foot of rope for days at a time

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Jewel waiting for someone to love
Jewel's view from the fencepost she was tied to

She was rescued by two smart women with the help of Animal Advocates' years of experience and its incredibly generous donors.

"Hello AAS and thank you for the work you do.

I don't know what to do about a young female Pitbull who is being physically beaten and neglected. The dog's name is Jewel and she has been held up by her collar and pummelled in her face and kicked repeatedly. Her beatings have been witnessed by the neighbour and my friend too.

Most of the time she is frantically hungry. One time when I was feeding her she literally wiggled herself onto my lap to just be snuggled and held. I wish I had just taken her that day but I felt I needed to do it the right way and buy her, because if I took her he would just come looking for her. This is a small town.

She had a litter of 4 puppies in late June and the SPCA had been called to come as the puppies had been left out in the sun/heat all day. They were all sold.

When we phoned the SPCA about a month ago they said they needed hard evidence of the beatings: video, photos, journal entries of the times she was abused. We had no way to get that evidence.

Jewel's owner said that Jewel is worth at least $700 to him. That guy scares me but I must do this for Jewel, only I don't have enough money to buy her or pay for what I think will be a lot of vet bills.

Can you help us help Jewel?"

Jewel jumping to meet her rescuers after we buy her freedom!

Animal Advocates committed $1,000 to stop Jewel's beatings and torture by buying her away from her abuser, and also committed to paying what will be substantial vet bills — if she had a safe and loving home to go to. She did. One of the women was ready to take her into her heart and home.

The purchase was made (luckily the owner settled for $250) and Jewel was whisked off to a meal of good food and a soft bed to rest her poor aching body on.

Next for Jewel was a vet examination, vaccines, flea treatment, and deworming. Soon she will have a mature spay (because she has had puppies) and she will be sent home with pain medication. She will get her booster vaccines at this time. Animal Advocates has committed to pay for all this.

And then Animal Advocates can wish them all well and a long life of happiness together...


We have Jewel!!!! Yesterday was a very emotional and excellent day! She was so hungry...

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Jewel with one of her kind rescuers
Jewel with her other kind rescuer

She ate high-grade food and slept on a warm blanket in our kitchen. She has a new collar that fits and a walking harness and pink leash! She was generous with hugs and kisses and met 5 people yesterday and was cuddly with them all. She is a sponge for love.

The day she was rescued she ate high-grade food and slept on a warm blanket
She is a sponge for love

I cannot say how amazed and happy I am at how it has all turned out. Finding AAS was amazing! I know that this will be an organization that I support and refer to in the future.

Smiling for the camera
Happy to have her very own soft warm bed

January 2014 update:

Today is the big day! I drop Jewel off at Manzini's Vet Hospital in about 30 minutes to have her spay surgery. They will probably call sometime this morning or maybe at pick up time. I pick Jewel up at 4 isn.

She is happy and healthy so it will go ahead.

I feel bad for her because she can't have one of her favourite meals. Breakfast! She is so sad because she doesn't understand why we won't feed her. And because I know she has been starved before it breaks my heart.

And I am grateful she will never have to have puppies again for her sake and theirs.

Thank you and Animal Advocates for supporting Jewel's recovery and healthy new start to her life.

Jewel has now been spayed at a cost to Animal Advocates of $371.

Ready for her walk!
Exploring in the water

February 2014 update:

Jewel is doing really good. She is a real Angel and brings us much joy. I am looking forward to lots of walking and hiking fun with her. She loves to track the ground for smells and explore. She can run so fast for a big girl. It is so cool to see the joy on her face when she runs around the field.

We are still taking training. It is so interesting to learn about dog behaviour and energy reading as a way to understand what they may want or need or have planned.

Thank you so much for paying for her spay. I am so grateful she will never have to have puppies again for her sake and theirs.

Getting some love from mom
Asleep on her bed with Joey

And I am eternally grateful to you and the Animal Advocacy Society. Jewel would have been tied to that fence during all this horrible weather. Instead she sleeps outside our bedroom on a comfy pillow beside Joey our other dog.

Jewel is wearing a t-shirt in the video above to keep her from licking her spay incision.

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