Keeda’s Happy Ending

December 2006

After a life in a crate this imprisoned girl blossomed into an affectionate, calm, confident and trusting soul

Keeda at the Kamloops vet clinic

Keeda Spring 2006

AAS paid to have Keeda spayed after she had had two litters of pups. We were assured her owners loved her but couldn't afford to spay her. Last month we found out that Keeda was being kept in a crate almost 24 hours a day. She wasn't wanted anymore.

The rescue network jumped into action. Kamloops cat rescuer Michelle McGuire did the organizing, Kamloops cat and dog rescuer Sally Baker did the driving, and AAS foster Mom Diane Young in Coquitlam welcomed Keeda into her dog-filled home and arms. Keeda did not urinate for 28 hours after arriving. Crated dogs learn to hold their urine for long periods. She threw up hunks of leather or cardboard, and she had no idea what outside was for. But after only a few days of two-hour hikes up the mountain and outings to the beach, Keeda was a different dog! No more cringing and hiding for Keeda. AAS was there for her when she needed us again.

Miss Keeda's New Life - by foster Mom, Diane Young

Keeda learning to have fun in the water

Keeda with her new Mom, Linda, at Urban Barkery's photo fundraiser for AAS, December 3 2006

What an exciting day it was when Keeda arrived for foster care. She was very scared at being in a new house with a new mom and other dogs. It was though she didn't like dogs and was fearful of men. With my experience, I thought and was hoping that it was just a matter of exposure to the outside world, learning to trust and building her confidence smothered with hands-on praise and affection.

Because Keeda had lived most of her young life in a crate, she had to hold her everything in until she was let out once a day to eliminate. Poor Keeda had to learn that it was o.k. to pee outside whenever you had the urge to do so. I walked her on a leash to the park and stood out in the yard with her many times the first afternoon and next day knowing that she must have to go and not wanting her to have an accident in the house that she would feel bad about. Twenty-eight and a half hours later, she finally had the longest pee I have ever seen. Imagine holding it for that long, but Keeda never had a choice before. We had a celebration when she peed and partied it up so she would know it was a good thing. The second time was about 20 hours later. After about 10 days she was peeing about two times a day. I remember watching her the last day I had her on the snowy mountain (before she went to her new home) I counted 5 pees in less than 1/2 an hour. Oh, to be a liberated girl.

Over time, Keeda also learned that other dogs and people were not going to hurt her. She actually liked other dogs and even learned how to play and tug a toy with them. Watching Keeda run in the forest for the first time was so heart-warming and she hasn't quit running. Going to the beach was another new adventure as she watched the dogs swim to retrieve a stick. At the shoreline she would approach them and take their sticks. Gradually she would go in up to her knees, still taking the stick ever so gently from their mouths. The other dogs didn't mind giving them up as somehow I think the dogs knew she would start swimming soon. Well, they were very smart as it didn't take too long before her legs were paddling to retrieve her own stick.

Night-time was a special time for her as she had her choice of where she wanted to sleep in the bedroom — right under the bed below me snug as a bug and as free as a bird is where she chose. This imprisoned girl blossomed into an affectionate, calm, confident and trusting soul.

Her forever family's dog died a few months ago that looked very much like Keeda and they immediately fell in love with her picture in the pet page. After meeting her, they wanted to take her home that day, but we ask people to take some time to think about their decision. Her new mom and dad have two boys that anxiously counted the sleeps until Keeda finally came to stay.

Keeda now can live out her life with a loving family that will treat her as a family member, keep her safe in a warm house where she can lie down wherever she wants, go out into the backyard whenever she wants and sleep wherever she chooses to. What greater "Happy Ending" could you ask for?

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