Kito wins the AAS "Miracle" cup for 2003


AAS, Kito's heart is filled with joy because he has a new family and lots of love. Kito thanks you for freeing him from a life of chains so that he could run and play like all dogs should. Kito and his family are celebrating in your decision to name him the recipient of the AAS "Miracle" Cup 2003.

Thanks to AAS every day is a reason to celebrate. My family spoils me with bones to chew, and balls to play with.

I just have to keep an eye out for my little brother Elvis, who will steal my bones or my favourite ball, if I am not looking.

I do love that little beast though, even though he is sometimes a pest. I have more energy than him, although I am older. Elvis does not know how to retrieve (some Labrador!), and plays silly games, running away with the ball, expecting to be chased. He never gives the ball up, and Marion has to pry it out of his mouth, or tricks him into dropping it by distracting him with a stick. It is obvious that I need to teach him a thing or two, and it's lucky he has me!

I share my home with 3 cats. I like them, but they don't like me too much, so I am working on that. My gentle nature will soon win them over. The grey tabby, Tiger, gets braver every day, and sits on the same couch as me, but he sits on the back of the couch, and I sit on the cushions.

The food here is GREAT here, and I am fed TWO times a day !!

Gotta Go ! Time to take a walk.

Thanks again!

Kito, AAS "Miracle" Cup Winner Of 2003

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