Markus' Happy Ending


Markus was losing quickly losing weight and the will to live...

Tuesday, January 1st AAS received this email from Chilliwack Animal Control

"Markus is losing his will to live! He has been at Chilliwack Animal Control for over two months and during this time he has lost weight and is demonstrating how desperately he needs a family to call his own.

This beautiful yellow pure breed lab requires an active family with someone home the majority of the day. He is beyond sad at life in a kennel, without walks and daily activities he has become beyond depressed and we are at a loss as how to help him any longer.

PLEASE, if you love labs, have always wished for an active, energetic boy then contact Chilliwack Animal Control as soon as possible.

Markus needs you to understand that he only wants to be a good boy, to please and to have love in his life. He wishes for a new family that will take care of him, accept him for all that he has to offer and to give him the opportunity to provide gentle kisses and tons of fun in return.

It is URGENT that Markus knows that someone is coming to change his life because without you, he truly has no hope."

When AAS received this email, we quickly found a foster home with a person well-known to us who already has a rescued yellow lab and he (bless him) jumped in his car and went and got Markus immediately.

That was two days ago, and all the news is good. Marcus was very thin, but is eating like a horse now; he is getting runs and is sleeping like a log; he is glued to the side of his foster dad.

Next week he will be examined by our vet, and if the teeth he broke hysterically chewing the chainlink of his kennel, before he subsided into depression and almost stopped eating, need removing or repairing, we will have that done; and anything else he needs to make him physically sound. He is already well on this way to becoming an emotionally very happy boy.

It didn't take Markus long to become happy again; in fact he never stops smiling.  His teeth are okay for now, and he has gained the weight he needed.  He and Bruce are best buddies and life could not possibly be better for Markus now.


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