This was your life Oscar! Until someone came for you.

For the first two years of his existence, Oscar was chained from dawn to dark in mud, feces, storms, heat and flies, all alone, and often frightened.

When his owners got home, often late at night, Oscar was brought inside to conditions ever worse. He was locked in a crate, in the garage, unable to even stand up.

The BC SPCA was called by neighbours as soon as they saw the pup in the yard. The SPCA said — as it always did — that the dog had food, water, and shelter, so there was nothing they could do.

No one knows the number of times the SPCA said that to upset complainants, but AAS started investigating and documenting the SPCA in 1992 and we were told of that SPCA answer hundreds of times.

And it wasn't even true. The SPCA's laws permitted them to seize dogs kept like this if the owner did not comply with a list of orders the SPCA gave the owner.

Oscar was rescued and rehomed by AAS shortly after we were told of him.

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