Sandy’s Happy Ending


We saw Sandy on an SPCA web site...

...that said he was an old abandoned dog, with diarrhea that wouldn't stop and not doing well. We sent a supporter in to buy him, took him to our vet for tests and medication and weigh-ins every three days for three weeks, and he began his recovery at AAS. And then we found the best home for a dear old dog, on the Sunshine Coast, with Rosemary, who was as badly in need of Sandy as he was of her.

Sandy when AAS first got him from an SPCA
Sandy starts his recovery at AAS

Hello AAS,

Sandy truly is one of your success stories. He is putting on weight daily and has a bit to go to cover his ribs before we must begin considering putting him on a diet! He and Rosemary are inseparable and he is getting along wonderfully with all of us, including the cat. He swims in the ocean and runs in the forest, and if we can just convince him to poop elsewhere than the middle of the path, we'll all be in heaven.

Sandy and Rosemary seem to have really hit it off, just as you predicted. Every day Rosemary appreciates Sandy more and more, and Sandy seems ecstatic to be able to run in the forest and lay curled up at Rosemary's feet in the kitchen. His physical issues appear to be over and he's putting on weight and calmness daily. He loves swimming and is very comfortable going out for extended spins.

Rosemary has developed a stronger relationship with Sandy than with any of the many dogs in her life. She takes him out where ever she goes. Sandy seems to revel in the open spaces up the coast and he bounds about in the forest like a puppy. The rest of the time he stays close to Rosemary in the kitchen where he and the cat seem to have come to some kind of understanding. Warm regards,


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