Shadow’s Happy Ending


AAS' web ad for Shadow...

Shadow is a tall, large lab cross (over 90 lbs)

  • He is very strong and strikingly handsome
  • Good with cats dogs and all people large and small
  • In spite of being chained up for almost his entire 5 years of life Shadow has a very gentle and sweet personality and responds well to lavish affection, although he cowers if you get very mad at him.
  • Shadow is so grateful that he is not chained up 24 hrs a day that he can hardly contain his happiness so he acts more like an overgrown puppy right now than a mature adult of 5 years.
  • He is very smart and is learning to be obedient without any violence or negative reinforcement
  • He loves to run and swim all day long (loves water and fetching balls).
  • Shadow is very happy to be sleeping inside the house now in his foster home. He is quiet and does not bark at night.

Shadow was owned by a "hunter" near Vanderhoof who allowed him off his chain a few times a year to go hunting. Five years this gentle giant endured winters on his chain, snow, storms, ice, 30 below, and in summer, blasting heat, flies, and thirst. And every day the soul-destroying loneliness of isolation. At last his luck turned and when his owner said he was taking Shadow to the SPCA to be put down and to get another dog because Shadow's legs were going, a kind person offered to give Shadow a home. This saved the owner the SPCA's destruction charge, so Shadow was given away. Animal Advocates was asked for help. We paid his vet bills and found his real home with Emma, Ken and Alex.

From Emma:
Shadow has been with us for one month now, and he's adjusted so beautifully, we feel like we've had him for years. Gentle Giant is the best way to describe him.

He is very affectionate, smart, overly eager to please, and has amazing recall when off-leash. We only need to tell him something or correct him gently once, and he never repeats whatever it was he did. Talk about a sweetie pie, and handsome too! He and our beloved Kody would have been pals, I just know it.

Shadow has both my husband and I home most of the time, but he's fine when left for several hours, and he has free run of the entire house (I would never crate a dog anyway!)

I think he appreciates the carpet we have everywhere, as opposed to hardwood floors, due to his giant size and long clumsy legs with big feet. He also loves his raw food! Each meal is eaten like it's his first, and I'm not used to a dog that eats anything you present in the bowl. As for walks, we realised the first few days that he's not a leash walker, so rather than use a halti (which he struggles badly with) we avoid leash walks almost completely. No arguments from Shadow there! We hike off-leash for at least an hour around the lake and through the trails every day, and he loves it.

His favourite toy is a stuffed hamburger that squeaks, and he carries it to anyone who's around and shoves it into their hands. If you don't take it right away, he shoves it at your tummy and nearly knocks the wind out of you! He's very persistent.

He also loves to "help" me with cooking or chores, and I can even vacuum within a foot of where he lies and he doesn't move unless I ask him to.

In the mornings (sometimes a little too early) he comes into the bedrooms and puts his head under our pillows and then covers us in sniffs and kisses. If we don't get up right away, we get a giant paw gently placed on our arm. Our six year old thinks this is hilarious, and the two of them get along really well too.

It's taken a month, but he finally has the confidence to be let outside in the yard to do his business without me standing outside with the door left wide open. I suppose that five long, cold, years on a chain has left him worried he'll be left outside, but he seems to be getting better each day. He always bolts back to me with lightning speed when he's done, just to be sure, but I make sure I watch him and let him in straight away, so he doesn't even need to ask.

I truly believe in fate, and that Shadow was meant to be with us. He will never again be chained, cold, isolated and lonely, and he will always be treated as a valued family member. He came at a time when our grief for Kody was nearly unbearable, and he's filled our hearts with a new love that I hope will last for many years to come. Each new day is filled with many laughs due to Shadow's antics, and our evenings are spent cuddling with him on the floor. He just soaks up the affection and then asks for more with one of his huge front paws. We are so lucky to have found him.

Thank you AAS

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