Sheba’s Happy Ending


Dear Sheba - a real home at last...

Carole, Sheba and Colleen

Sheba was a "car lot" dog, an all too common life for dogs. Vancouver has many car lot dogs; some live at the car lot full time like Sheba and some are rented by the night. Those are the saddest.

But Sheba got lucky. The car lot was sold to new owners who didn't want a car lot dog (to their credit). Then Susan Patterson found out about her and heard she was going to a pound. Susan got permission to try to find her a home and phoned AAS.

We got her into a foster home with Carole Gamley and soon found just the right home for her with Colleen O'Brien.

Colleen's 15 year-old dog had just died. She descibed what she could give a dog and we knew that this was the perfect home for Sheba. Many walkies every day at the big park across the way, swimming if she wants, never alone, and only the best food.

Colleen promised to get some of that weight off her so that her poor arthritic hips (from being outside all night for years) didn't hurt so much.

Sheba already has made many human friends because she is such a outgoing, smiley, friendly girl. She is a very vocal dog and will talk to you endlessly. And she has a special dog friend who she looks for every day.

And she sleeps anywhere she pleases. This is what all dogs deserve and now Sheba has it!

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