Hit by car - Spencer's jaw and eye were severely injured


When we got the call to help a wandering dog with no I.D. it was clear he had been hit by a car. His jaw was distended at a bizarre angle and one eye had hemorrhaged and was very red. Despite being overbooked, the vet made room for him and he determined that, yes, the dog was most likely hit by a car and his jaw was broken. His surgery required drilling a hole through the jaw bone and wiring it back together.

We contacted a lovely family to see if they would foster Spencer during his recovery. And then the best thing that can happen for any dog happened. This lovely family became Spencer's family. They couldn't give him up.

While it has been a difficult path, Spencer is now at home with his new family. The children are excited for Spencer to make a full recovery and join them on their family hikes and outings. This family goes on long hikes and Spencer goes with them. Lucky, lucky Spencer!

Animal Advocates paid $1,800 to heal Spencer so that he would at last get the loving, responsible home he deserved.

It's a lot of money, but so worth it! Thank you everyone who did this for Spencer by donating to us. You did it!


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