Tillie's Rescue




Animal Advocates gets hundreds of emails a month from all over the world, asking us for help for a suffering dog. Like this one:

"The situation is grim for this dog. She has been kept for four years in a cage measuring 8' by 14', and she is basically fed enough to keep her alive. I feed her whenever the owner is out. Often I give her water. Feces is left in her cage (kept locked) for weeks at a time, and she is rarely walked. I would say she is walked for 10 minutes once a week, and that is a generous estimate. Many times in the winter, when snow lies on the ground, there will be no foot prints in the snow at the end of the day. Complaints to the SPCA for four years changed nothing."

So Animal Advocates was appealed to in desperation as we are so often. We got her. And then we paid for a vet exam, parasite control, dental work, and a microchip.


True to our standards, we made sure that Tillie had a forever happy ending. Her family had adopted their first Animal Advocates' rescued dog sixteen years ago. And another AAS rescued dog a few years ago. These lovely people have welcomed other rescued dogs into their hearts and home, some with behaviour problems. They are the kind of people who would never give up on a dog. These are the only kind of people who AAS will adopt to – people who AAS can trust to give dog as good home, or better, than one we could provide. Tillie's people exceed all our standards. Not only does Tillie have her own two humans, but her own two cats! And she is up the mountain every day. Summer will bring swimming if that is what she wants.

If you are able, please consider donating to Animal Advocates so we can continue giving dogs like Tillie a second chance at happiness.

June 2015 update - Tillie and her new friends

These happy photos and video were taken by Julie Davidson of "A Walk In The Park" pet services.

Animal Advocates has known and trusted Julie Davidson for at least fifteen years. For years Julie walked Connie and John's dogs (two of them were AAS rescues) and now Julie walks lucky Tillie.

Julie wrote:

"Hi Judy and Connie,

We took these pictures and the video of Tillie and some of her new hiking pals.

Kaimu is the dog that is playing with Tillie in the video. Tillie and Kaimu formed a friendship very quickly. We've been walking Kaimu five days a week for about four years. He's fantastic and so is Tillie!"

- Julie


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