Tyke’s Happy Ending


Darling Tyke aka Separation Anxiety in Motion

Little Tyke came into foster care after living his first 5 years in a darkened garage. His nails had grown around into his feet they were so long. He had been terribly neglected as is the case with most of rescued dogs. I was forewarned when Tyke came into our home that he does damage when left alone. It didn't take Tyke long to socialize with a large pack of dogs and in fact he got so bold that whichever dog was running the fastest he would lunge at their neck in play (but the other dog didn't think it was so funny). Must have been some ratting instincts coming out as I'd have to leash him at that point because I didn't want anyone to turn on him. He loved to run free off leash; he found the courage to step in a mud puddle, walk through a creek and jump over fallen trees in the forest. He responded to love so much that he always had to know where you were or be in his peripheral vision. Tyke was the kind of dog that loved every person that he came in contact with and would trust everyone enough to jump on their lap if they were going to stroke him. Tyke loved sleeping on our bed and being curled up in front of the fireplace where the warmth on his little body reminded him that he would never be cold again.

After Tyke had been with me for about 3 weeks, I decided to leave him in the house with the other dogs to see how he would do. One would think that having canine company and the security of a safe home he would be content to curl up and sleep until I returned. After all, all the dogs had had 3 hours of off leash running in the forest. When I got home and opened the door there was all this stuff all over the floor and I was aghast. Tyke had scratched the door, door frames and the wall so badly that he had eaten through the wall and pulled all the insulation out. There was a big hole in the wall and I was thankful that he hadn't been able to get to the electrical wiring. Poor Tyke, I could truly understand how fearful he was at being left alone and we were going to have a problem finding a home for him.

So Tyke went everywhere with me and if I couldn't take him because of weather, I had family or a friend look after him as I never wanted him to go through that again.

Tyke was returned to me from two prospective adoptive homes. They tried their hardest but just couldn't have someone with him 24/7 and the damage mounted. I was happy to have him back as he is such a love aside from his issue that wasn't his fault. His picture went back on the website and in the N.S. News. I remember receiving a call from a soft-spoken lady who fell in love with his picture and I also talked to her husband at great length. They were cat people but she thought it would be nice to add a dog to the family as she liked to walk everyday. I told them absolutely everything about Tyke and they still wanted to meet him. To shorten this long story, Tyke's angels, Eileen and Michael, wanted to adopt Tyke. Eileen has worked very hard at making arrangements with friends so that Tyke never has to be alone. Tyke goes boating with them, to the theatre and she even has a dog buggy so he can go shopping with her. As you can see from one of the photos, Tyke adjusted to the cats too! An amazing happy ending for a dog that deserved a better life. Eileen and Michael truly were Tyke's angels.

Diane Young
Foster Mum

From Tyke's new family:

Tyke still has terrible separation anxiety, but we are working on it gently. Now that the weather is cooler I can leave him briefly in the car while I do grocery shopping; I just come out and sit with him partway through if it is a big shopping trip. I have found there are lots of places I can take him; and that is where I shop for other things. He is allowed in Park Royal as long as he isn't walking. So I have a dog stroller that I got on eBay for him. Indigo Books on Marine Drive allow dogs on leash in; also McNews on Lonsdale. All the hardware stores, Canadian Tire and pet stores let me come in with him. So it really hasn't cramped my style much.

My husband and I never did go out for dinner often, but we did go for a few dinners at restaurants over Christmas. We had Tyke in the car and just slipped out several times and sat with him for a bit. He has not been destructive in the car when I have left him; he just barks a lot. Sometimes when returning I have heard barking only to discover it is another dog in another car and Tyke is just sitting, watching for me. I think we are making progress!

Thanks again AAS


August 2013 update: Tyke, a lucky "Midnight Rescue" – from a garage to this!

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From Tyke's family:

Just wanted you to know that Tyke still loves boating; this picture is of Michael and Tyke returning to our boat after some "shore leave" last week. It is difficult to see in the picture, but he IS wearing his life jacket.

Tyke is getting a bit deaf, but otherwise had a great check-up a couple of months ago. He still races to the beach when I tell him we are going to the boat. We still do our daily nice long walks and he is very limber, folks are surprised to hear his age. After all these years, his separation anxiety has not changed; Tyke is 12-1/2 now and we have had him 7-1/2 years.

Cheers, Eileen and Michael

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