Hunting dogs rescued from hunters


Animal Advocates has rescued many hunting dogs from the lonely lives many endure in dirty backyard pens. It's common for the dogs to be taken out for only the few weeks they are used to help the hunter hunt and kill, and sometimes for a bit of training.

These two young Pointers are typical. They were rarely out of their filthy, dark pen. Look at the photos and video to see the conditions the SPCA said were okay. It's no wonder that so many people steal dogs.

Because these young Pointers made so much excited, begging noises, and the pen was only about 20 feet from the house, if rescued at night their whining and yelping would be heard by their owner, a hunter - with guns.

They had to be rescued in broad daylight. Only feet away from the hunter's huge pick-up that had guns in its gun racks.

So it was done.

Note: Animal Advocates does not tell our rescue stories until the dogs have died, to make sure the dogs can't be found and returned to their abuser.



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