Willie’s Happy Ending


Willie - only  a puppy - was beaten in a dark and dirty pen 
Then one day his hell ended..

The pen was full of mud and feces and was perpetually dark. He was hit in the head for crying and barking, with a metal pole causing one eye to sink into its socket. His hell ended one day and now he has an ocean, a home, a soft bed and two people who love him dearly. And another blessing - his eye came back after a year.

Willie, before AAS...

Willie today, thanks to AAS...


Willie at ten - the George Clooney of the dog world

"Willie is about ten years old now.  He’s slowing down a bit, but he doesn’t know it.   You would be thrilled at how confident he has become.  He has made friends with people and dogs all over the neighbourhood;  the people he meets all stop to play ball and most have a cookie in their pocket.  Its dog heaven, and Willie deserves it!
The whole neighbourhood knows Willie----he’s famous because he doesn’t chase the many deer that wander around here.   When we first came here, he was afraid of them.    One day, he started after one and I yelled, “Don’t even THINK of it!”----so he doesn’t.  If only husbands listened as carefully.
Willie is even good in Vancouver.  We have an apartment there because my husband still works in there.  At that home, Willie knows the rule:  no balls in the house.  One day my husband and Willie came back to our apartment after a walk.  My husband noticed that Willie had lost his ball, but actually Willie was smarter than that.  He’d dropped it at the entrance to the building!
I’m sending a photo that I took a month ago.  You can see how handsome Willie is-----George Clooney of the dog world!"

Willie has turned into the best dog.  We love him to pieces and we’re always very grateful that you trusted us with him. 

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