Zoey embraces her new life with passion and energy


AAS got this email, one of hundreds we get a year asking us to help an abused dog.

"Two weeks ago we rescued a young dog who had been mainly in a crate outside in the rain and cold and heat for her whole life and the people who owned her moved away and left her! She was emaciated! We took her home in hopes of keeping her, however, she is an extremely active dog and we don't have time to train her properly.

We took her to our vet about her leg, which she limped on, and were told that one knee cap was over to the side. The vet said it was 100% due to a traumatic event such as a kick.

Can AAS help us? We are unable to keep her but don't want to take her to the SPCA because we won't know if they have done the surgery."

We said "Yes" of course. That is what we do. Help to rescue abused dogs. AAS has helped in the rescue of countless abused dogs.

AAS will have Zoey's knee surgery done at an orthopedic veterinary hospital where the best surgeons are. Surgical vet clinics are very expensive, but AAS never has surgery done on the cheap.

We placed Zoey in a professional foster home with Diane, a 20-year AAS colleague, who we know absolutely will not make Zoey's behaviour problems worse, and in fact, will work properly with Zoey to get her ready for a home. AAS pays all its professional colleagues because they deserve to be paid and because, unlike ordinary foster homes, they know what they are doing.

When Diane got her, Zoey was out of control, in a nice way, but a real handful. She was so stimulus-deprived that she couldn't stop trying to make every dog in the house (and the cat) play with her. Non-stop. She'd had no socializing when she was a puppy so she did not recognize the signals from dogs to stop! She loves every dog, cat, and person she meets, and just couldn't stop telling them so. And begging... begging, to be loved back, and to play! When her feet hit the ground in the morning, she is racing around with toys and trying to play with the dogs and/or bugging them. Her tail never stops wagging as she is happy all the time. It is like she is embracing life with passion and energy in case it is taken away from her now that she has experienced what it is like to have freedom.

Sadly, Zoey was so afraid of being crated outside again that she had to be led into the yard, even when all her friends were out there in the yard. We knew that eventually poor Zoey would learn to trust that she could come back in the house whenever she wanted to. And she has.

Zoey goes for at least two hours a day on off-leash runs and hikes. She learned to swim. She is such a social little being that she never leaves the pack and loves to run back to Diane when called.

The orthopedic surgeon told us that if Zoey's knee wasn't operated on, that it would cause Zoey pain and disability later in her life. The surgery and her care will cost $4,000, and worth every penny. It always is.

Can you help us pay for Zoey's surgery? Please donate here.

Zoey swims for the very first time. She took like a duck to the water.


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