Zuzu – The Little Miracle


By the time Animal Advocates was asked for help, four-year old Zuzu was extremely ill. The vomiting had started three days before. Zuzu's mother thought Zuzu may have eaten something bad, but now that it was continuing she knew it had to be something worse. On the third day Zuzu was unable to keep food and water down and she started to pass blood.

Zuzu's family, a single mother and her four children, loved Zuzu to distraction, but there was no money for more than food and vaccines for her. When the mother realized that Zuzu was very ill, she was overcome with fear for Zuzu. She couldn't tell the children her fears...couldn't let Zuzu die.

We were asked for help for Zuzu and her family. The symptoms sounded like deadly parvo. We knew we had very little time if we were to save Zuzu. We rushed her to the nearest vet that was open on a Saturday, two hours away. The poor girl was weak and tired by the time she arrived, where tests proved that it was parvo.

The vet was doubtful Zuzu would pull through, but quickly put Zuzu on antibiotics and intravenous fluids. Zuzu began to show improvement almost immediately!

By the next morning, she was drinking and keeping the water down. Two days after being put on antibiotics, Zuzu began walking around and eating.

Zuzu returned to her favourite sleeping place; her owner's bed. She has now fully recovered and there is no indication she was ever ill.

Her family was so grateful for Animal Advocates' help. Zuzu's miracle cost over $500. Thanks to Animal Advocates, donors, we were part of her miracle.

With your help, there will be many more miracles.

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