This weekend, two dogs turned up in my town which is surrounded by native reserves. I don't know if they came together because they were found in different areas on different sides of the river and they don't seem to have a special bond so I think not. One of them (I've named him Ernest) had a big cut on the inside of his leg.

Chico is about 8 years old. He is very happy with my dogs and very social. We are calling him Chico because he was a little cheeky with my husband - wagging his tail and barking when my husband tried to play with him.

Chico has a huge lump under his front leg, probably a sebaceous cyst. It is one of the largest I have seen. Will Animal Advocates be able to help with Chico's bill?

We answered, Yes, of course we will. We can because of the people who donate to us. Chico will soon have that massive cyst removed. Can you please help us with Chico's and Ernest's and all our rescued animals bills. Please donate here.

More pictures and story below.


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Update - July 8 2013

Here's an image of the lumps taken from Chico. He is doing remarkably well! The day after his surgery he was up, wagging his tail and walking about... an amazing recovery. He gets his stitches removed on Wednesday and then he'll be able to start going to the river for swims again. He is acting like a puppy with his energy.

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