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Winter 2013

"Dear AAS,

I was told that you might be able to provide financial help to feed about 40 horses near Lytton BC...

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The horses are in many groups spread over a 20 mile stretch, but they have come together a bit more since I started feeding them regularly, which is good as I think they are burning less energy with less wandering up and down the roadways.



Sometimes it's a bit of a search to locate a certain family herd but I am doing my best to keep them all fed with calorie-laden high-quality hay.



The hay barn where the bales I am feeding them is located on an impassable road so my partner and I have been hauling them all up to the road.



We also take them apples which they love and will come quite close to us to get.



One little Foal has a wire wrapped around its leg and I am worried that it may trip or have it caught on something but as they are wild I am not sure how to go about getting it off."


They did get the wire off the foal's leg, in the middle of a blinding snowstorm and 30 below cold! AAS paid over $1,500 for hay, apples and other feed. We will be paying to keep these horses alive this Winter too, with your help.

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Winter 2014

Even though there's not a complete snow cover, the grass stopped growing so that's why they need to be fed.

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"I counted 22 horses in about four different packs. I think the white mare is pregnant."

"They know my truck now, and come up to it when I slow down."

Our colleague had to leave the area for a day or two and sure enough the horses were in her yard and waiting for her when she got back!

"I have got some salt blocks for them. I intend to travel further down the west side of the Fraser to make sure I am getting all the horses. We have been fortunate to have such a warm winter. Some of the locals have been telling me they look really healthy this year which makes me feel good. I need to restock on the hay so there will be more receipts coming."

"Dogs come over from the reserve to play with my dog, the small husky who I rescued about five years ago. I usually feed the horses away from the dogs so they don't kick them, just in case."


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