Nelson the Bulldog


The boys saying goodbye before heading to school


Even in West Vancouver BC there are some badly abused dogs. Nelson was one of them.

Animal Advocates Society has rescued chained dogs in West Vancouver, but we didn't have to rescue Nelson. Jerry West did. Gerry had adopted several rescued dogs from Animal Advocates over the years including one bulldog. When Gerry heard the constant cries of a dog down the street he did what moral people do – he investigated. To his horror and rage he saw a bulldog pup on a chain in a front yard, utterly miserable, baffled, and lonely. Jerry went back three days in a row, even late at night. Still the pup was chained. He spoke to the pup's owner, but was told to mind his own business. So he did mind his own business, the business of all moral people to stop suffering if they can: he took the pup off the chain. And contacted AAS.

Step in Liz Abreu and Michael Levine, bull-dog lovers and AAS friends. Liz and Michael had held a cut-a-thon for AAS at their downtown hair salon. I saw how much they loved their bulldog who went to work with them every day to be fussed over and admired by the customers. They said, Yes we want him, as soon as I told them Nelson's story. And for the next ten years Nelson lived the life that every dog deserves. It doesn't get better than Liz and Michael.

Fast forward. Now Liz and Michael have two sons, Elijah and Jackson. Raised with dogs and shown so much loving kindness by their parents, they are naturally, good kind people too. So it's not surprising that the boys would want to help AAS. They did - by asking for donations for AAS at their birthday parties. Those two dear boys just recently raised $145 for our rescued dogs. The world needs more unselfish children like Elijah and Jackson who will grow into the adults the world needs.

Nelson passed away recently, but as Liz said: "Nelson's death has left a huge void in our home and in the boys lives. It's sad, but has also taught them so much. He was such a lovely boy, so patient and loving."

We are able to give dogs like Nelson a second chance at life thanks to our generous donors. If you would like to contribute, please visit our donate page.

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